Medical Spa vs Day Spa: Which One Is Right For You?

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September 15, 2020
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When browsing for a spa, it can be confusing to decide which type of spa is best for you. Here are the differences between a medical spa and a day spa!

There are over 21,000 spas in the United States.

Medical spas are growing in popularity. Day spas still make up a large majority of spas in the United States. What you need will determine whether a medical spa or a day spa is right for you.

With so many choices to choose from, being informed is important. Let’s take a look at what spas are and the difference between a medical spa and a day spa.

What Is a Spa?

Spas were originally facilities built around mineral springs. These springs were thought to have positive effects such as accelerated healing and general wellness. These early spas offered many services like massages and grooming.

There are still spas out there that use natural mineral springs. Today, the term spa is used to describe a business that specializes in wellness. The range of services offered by modern spas are many and vary from spa to spa.

One of the main functions of a spa is to provide you with treatments that will help you look and feel better. The main difference between a medical spa and a day spa begins here.

What Is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa or medi-spa is a place where you can receive healthcare procedures. A medical spa has healthcare professionals on site. Techniques provided at a medical spa may require medical training.

Medical spas offer a variety of services that are unique to them. Botox Injection is often done at a medical spa as well as body sculpting and other services.

A medical spa will also often use more advanced forms of chemical treatment for your skin. These treatments can address a variety of medical and cosmetic needs.

A medical spa can help you feel better, look better and be healthier all at once.

What Is a Day Spa?

A day spa offers non-medical services to customers. Depending on what type of spa package you get, the services may include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and more. These services are non-medical and are designed to make you feel and look better.

A day spa does not need to have healthcare providers on hand. The focus of a day spa is not on treating conditions or diseases. It is about making you feel better about yourself and your appearance.

A Good Spa Will Help You Melt Away Stress

Managing stress is key to avoiding health problems.

Stress can be very dangerous for you. Receiving care at a spa can help with stress. Taking care of yourself and your appearance has real medical impacts.

Going to any spa will help you de-stress and relax. While a day spa could give this benefit, a medical spa is more likely to address your needs. Still, any time at a spa is preferable to no time.

Being able to remove yourself from your daily life is essential to mental and physical health. Don’t be afraid to relax and devote some time and energy to yourself. Let a spa work for you.

Which Is Right for You?

If you want a procedure that requires medical supervision or a physician, then a medical spa is your best choice. The treatments offered at a medical spa are long-lasting solutions. While you will look and feel better, they can also treat certain conditions.

A medical spa can be an alternative to expensive plastic surgery. Medical spas can also offer services to help you after you have had plastic surgery. Medical spas use treatments that can help remove or minimize scarring.

A day spa can provide you with basic services that will make you feel better. If you just want to get away for a short time and focus on yourself, a day spa might be what you need.

Medical Spas Can Do It All

Between the two, there is not much competition. Medical spas feature a much larger array of services without sacrificing the experiences found at a spa.

Medical spas can cost more than a day spa. This is because the level of care you will receive is much higher. You will even be able to consult with clinicians that can assist you in determining what you need.

If you have a medical spa available to you, then you should go to one. Set up an appointment and look carefully at all the services they offer. You will be amazed at what you can get at a medical spa.

If You Can’t Find One, Travel to It

Medical spas are the fastest growing area of medical tourism. People travel long distances just to get into high-quality medical spas. This is because the results they receive are so satisfying.

Do not be afraid to travel to find the medical spa that meets your needs. You will be joining an ever-growing number of people who are finding out that medical spas are for them.

An Oasis in Omaha

In the past, people would travel the world looking for proper spa treatment. You don’t have to go that far anymore.

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