Share a Moment of Beauty

[For your safety, we are not currently booking couple’s massages until state and county Directed Health Measures are updated].

Beauty shines brightest when it comes from within. Creating a deeply healthy life affects your ability to remain youthful, to build strength of mind and body, and to connect with those you love. Take that connection one step deeper by scheduling a dual massage in one of our couple’s suites.

[Please note, Faces online booking does not facilitate multiple appointments like a couples massage.  In order to book your couples appointment, please call the Spa at 402-384-8400.]

Customize your Couples Experience

Whether you are planning a girls’ day out or a romantic immersion, Faces offers customized treatments for you both. Choose from a sixty, ninety, or one hundred and twenty minute massage experience. You will each choose your own massage, oils, and pressure, the experience will be deeply relaxing and connecting for you both.

Choose from a variety of massage modalities including:


This has become the standard for massage, and is the product of hundreds of years of body work evolution. It includes techniques from Chinese, Greek, and Roman practices, and targets all major muscle groups, improves circulation, stimulates glandular performance, and helps reduce inflammation that causes nerve pain. Whether you’re seeking gentle relaxation or are aiming to address a specific injury or ailment, Swedish Massage offers a world of health benefits, and should be enjoyed regularly

Hot Stone

Some muscles require more than a loving touch; they require Nature’s intervention. Marrying the healing power of smooth, warmed stones with the expert touch of our trained massage professionals, your body eases and your senses reset under the warm, gentle pressure of a hot stone massage.

Deep Tissue

For chronic pain, swelling of the muscles and connective tissue, and to combat tension and fatigue, we must go deeper. Pressure is applied gradually, and only to the point of therapeutic touch. This can become quite intense, but shouldn’t become painful. The strokes are methodical and precise, and you’ll know right away that true healing has begun


Pregnancy can be a truly beautiful time in a woman’s life, and in a couple’s journey. It can also be painful and intimidating. Creating a safe place for expecting mothers to unwind, connect, and heal is an honor for us, and we look forward to creating an experience she will treasure. Choose a side-lying posture, or opt to lie in our custom pregnancy massage table, which gently eases lower back pain before the massage has even begun. Our therapists are cautious of trigger points, and are familiar with the loose-joints and accompanying pain that can come with the release of the pregnancy hormone Relaxin. 

Sports Massage

For the athlete, the body is an instrument. Keeping it tuned requires a healthy diet, regular practice, and mindful maintenance. Address lingering pain, repetitive motion injuries, and training related tightness in a peaceful, therapeutic environment.

You may be experiencing different techniques, but you will be experiencing healing together.

Book your couples message today, or surprise them with a gift card, available online in our store. Please note, Faces online booking does not facilitate multiple appointments like a couples massage.  In order to book your couples appointment, please call the Spa at 402-384-8400.