What to Wear to a Spa Day

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One of the best ways spas achieve relaxation is by offering a clear escape from the over stimulation of daily life.

At a day spa, staff create experiences that are slow paced, friendly and toned down, relieving guests of any responsibility and allowing them to live in that therapeutic moment.

However, many still have questions surrounding spa attire as well as anxieties over undressing for treatments like massages. Below is a general guide for how to dress for a spa day.

What to Wear

What you wear and bring to a spa day depends entirely on which spa treatments you utilize that day.

Generally, though, you’ll want to bring something light, comfortable and easy to change out of and store. Upon arrival, spa’s typically give visitors slippers, robe and a towel, however, some also bring their own.

If you’re worried about wrinkles, cardigans, casual dresses and other non-wrinkle clothing are safe bets for lockers or other types of storage.

Flip-flops or open-toed sandals work well for shoes. Because you’ll be wearing a robe for most treatments, underwear that feels comfortable is also recommended. Some treatments such as hot soaks, mud baths or sauna rooms might also require a bathing suit.

Jewelry is one clothing item that’s better to avoid or keep it at home when planning a spa day. Accessories like rings and necklaces get in the way of a professional masseuse or pedicurist and may feel cumbersome as you take a soak or bath. And if you do bring jewelry, you’ll have to take it off which could also lead to losing it.

Bring a Bag with Essentials

While not clothing, bringing a good tote bag, or other type of large bag, is essential. In that you can bring a change of clothes if necessary, a book to read before or during treatments and any beauty products you might want to apply after you treatment. It’s also recommend spa visitors leave their phones or other devices at home or on silent. The experience is supposed to be about relaxation and escapism so it’s best to unplug as much as you can.

Communication is Key

While there are several clothing items you can bring to the spa to make your experience smoother, many people’s anxieties exist around undressing for procedures like salt glow treatments, seaweed wraps and, most notably, massages. In a treatment like a massage, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. It’s important to communicate with your massage technician because they want nothing more than for you to be relaxed on the table.

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