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You finally went and booked your first massage. But what should you expect? Read on to learn how to prepare for your massage!

What if trying to relax actually stresses you out?

A good massage can help you find the relaxation and peace you’ve looked for. However, those about to have their first massage are often stressed by the experience.

Want to relax without annoying stress? Take the following steps to prepare for your first massage

Hydrate Beforehand

Hopefully, hydration is part of your daily routine. But it’s especially important to hydrate before your massage.

The massage process can dehydrate your body. This is a natural effect as the massage breaks up the painful toxins in your body.

In addition to hydrating beforehand, also drink when the session is over. This allows your body to maintain a healthy hydration level.

The only bad time to hydrate is just before the therapy starts. You may end up with a full bladder and a massage therapist puts pressure on it. You don’t want to interrupt your massage to race to the bathroom.

Hot Shower

It’s also important to get even more hydration from a hot shower.

Showers are a relaxing experience. So a shower before your session is another way you can relax.

On top of that, the hot water helps to relax your muscles. This makes the massage process easier and lets you to get additional relief from your massage therapist.

Clear Your Calendar

A massage is a way to relax from our busy schedules. But to make the most out of that relaxation, you need to clear your calendar.

Your body more easily relaxes during the massage if you’re relaxed when you arrive. With a full calendar you may be stressed by work, family, traffic and so on.

How do you spend the extra free time? We recommend a full day of relaxation. In addition to getting a massage, you can spend the day getting a facial or pedicure.

It’s your day. Enjoy it!

Exercise Beforehand

Maybe you cleared your calendar of other obligations. But if you exercise regularly, it’s tough to take a day off from it.

Should you exercise before or after your massage? You should always exercise beforehand.

Your muscles will strain and stress during a workout. Massage can help soothe those tired muscles, which is especially relaxing at the end of the day.

De-Stressing Upon Arrival

We recommend that you arrive at least five minutes ahead of time so you can spend a couple minutes de-stressing and use the rest room. We find the extra couple of minutes helps the client relax sooner while on the table.

Naked Is Natural

A massage means having your clothes off in front of a stranger. And it’s important to prepare for this ahead of time.

Your massage therapist is a trained professional who sees unclothed people all the time. They won’t look at you in an uncomforting or aggressive way.

Also, they will cover your private parts with towels or sheets. Being unclothed gives them easier access to muscles that otherwise may be hidden.

To make disrobing easier, we recommend you wear loose clothes to the session. And as an added bonus, it’s easier to relax before and after the session when you don’t wear restrictive clothing.

Give an Allergy Alert

The massage process typically involves the use of oils, powders and lotions. It’s crucial to disclose anything you’re allergic to.

In most cases, massage therapists can use an alternative product or technique. This lets you enjoy your massage without the distress of an allergic reaction.

Breathe Steadily

Many people ask before their first massage: How am I supposed to breathe?

The answer is equally simple: Breathe like you usually do.

Massage is not a form of meditation that requires you to breathe in a particular way to relax.

Similarly, don’t hold your breath during the session. It’s natural if you’re nervous, but you might strain facial muscles and hurt your body.

And pain is the last thing you want in relaxing massage therapy.

Communicate Throughout

Massage sessions can sometimes share one creepy quality: They can be way too quiet.

You might be reluctant to talk, especially during your first massage. But it’s important to communicate before, during and after the session.

Speak up about any areas that have caused you pain. This helps the therapist focus on these areas to customize the session to your particular needs.

Feel free to ask the therapist any questions you have. Getting answers can help you relax and learn more about your body.

Ask about ways to avoid stress at home and work. The therapist may have a few recommendations to dramatically improve your quality of life.

Regular Appointments

You may see your first massage as a “one and done” experience. But to get the most out of a body massage, plan for multiple visits.

No matter how much self-care you practice, your body will still get tense and stressed in the following weeks and months. Schedule regular sessions so you get regular relief.

And believe us: Each massage therapy session helps you achieve more relief and even inner peace. But you won’t what that’s like if you don’t go back.

Achievement Unlocked

Now you know how to prepare for your first massage. But do you know how to find the best massage therapists?

We specialize in body massage, facials, pedicures and more. Discover what paradise feels like after one of our powerful spa body treatments. Call (402)384-8400 or book an appointment online today!

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