Millennials Are Obsessed With Skincare. Who Knew?

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February 1, 2018
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Millennials know what they like, and they know what they don’t. We all know they love their smartphones and pink. They even have a shade named after them, “millennial pink.” Well, according to the Fashionista, they are obsessed with body treatments, too. They love their getting their nails done with manicures and pedicures and getting facials.

They are particularly concerned with skin care. Millennials can’t get enough of it, in fact. However, they are not buying the same products as generations before them. The Fashionista notes that they are not interested in anti-aging products (at least not yet). Generation X women are known for their love of anti-aging creams and the like, but not millennials.

So what kinds of skin care products are millennials investing in? The Fashionista says they are “spending money on making sure their face is a glow-y, Instagram-worthy dream.” This makes sense once you consider that 55% of selfies taken today are taken by millennials, while only 24% are taken by the people of Generation X, and even less are taken by Baby Boomers, coming in at only 9%.

The most basic products that millennials are buying include things like cleansers, moisturizers, and acne medications. After those three types, the Fashionista tells us that the most popular cosmetics purchased by millennials are products that get your face ready for makeup. This means things like primers, face masks, lip treatments, and treatment that exfoliates. These are the kind of products that you would probably pick for the selfie generation.

So wait, let’s circle back for a second. Why don’t millennials care about wrinkles? No one wants wrinkles. If they aren’t buying wrinkle treatment, that means they don’t care about getting them, right? Wrong. Millennials are more focused on the prevention of wrinkles than the treatment. If they take care of their skin now and do everything they can to prevent them, they won’t have to treat them down the road.

Millennials would rather spend the money now to keep their skin looking young and fresh than invest in treatments for wrinkles later on. Besides, wrinkle treatment can be scary. Botox, laser treatment, and fillers are often used to try and reverse the look of wrinkles, and millennials are not about that.

If you want to have beautiful looking skin, do like the millennials do! Use moisturizers, lip care, and grab your friends to go get facials at the spa!

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