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Yes! Manly Men Get Manicure and Pedicure Too

Women aren’t the only ones with a regular hygiene routine. Grooming for men needs to involve a regular manicure and pedicure, and here’s why.

Just a few years ago, only 25% of men said they’d had a manicure or pedicure. As men’s grooming and health become more important, it’s no surprise this statistic is rising.

While some may view manicures and pedicures as primarily for women, such grooming for men is becoming trendy and popular. Men now reap the benefits of “manis and pedis” like women have for years.

There are many reasons men need a manicure and pedicure routine:

Good First Impressions

Make each first impression flawless. Whether you’re to meet a client, colleague or date, you should always look your best. A sleek haircut, tailored appearance and personalized accessories may upgrade your look.

But that can be ruined by your grody fingernails when you shake their hand. Complete your look by getting every detail right. This can make the difference between success and failure.

Provide Softer Touch

If you do manual work or just mess around on weekends, your hands may not be as soft as they could be. You might enjoy touching your partner, but it’s probably less so for them if your hands are rough and calloused.

A manicure doesn’t just take care of your nails, it addresses other issues with your fingers and hands. It includes a brief massage to lotion and soften them. Your partner will be pleased with their softness.

Improve Self Confidence

No matter how self-confident you may be, you could always use a boost. When you get a manicure and pedicure, you feel better about your body and appearance. As your self-confidence increases, you’ll see your quality of life improve as well.

Stop Ingrown Toenails

When you trim your own toenails, they may come back ingrown. Not only are ingrown toenails painful, they can require more serious action like surgery if left untreated.

Nail technicians knowledgeable about toenails. They’re trained to trim them for you so they grow out properly. With a little maintenance and prevention, you avoid doctor visits for ingrown toenails.

Prevent Hangnails

Both manicures and pedicures will get rid of hangnails. While you may consider these minor inconveniences, if you try to remove them yourself, it can open the door to infection.

There are two ways regular manicures and pedicures keep hangnails at bay. First, the nail technician safely and hygienically clips them off. Second, they moisturize your hands and feet to decrease your chance of hangnails in the first place.

Improve Mobility

This might sound like an odd benefit, but manicures and pedicures can help your mobility. If you suffer from circulatory, bone or joint issues, the hand and foot massages you get at the spa not only improve blood flow, but also help with any pain you have.

Stop Biting Nails

Some people bite their nails because of anxiety. It’s such a bad habit you don’t even realize you do it. As a result, your nails look terrible and the surrounding skin may be infected.

When you invest in your fingernails, you might think twice before you chew on them again. Not only do they look nice and healthy, but you spent money to get them that way. Well-groomed nails might be just what you need to kick the gnawing habit.

Ease Foot Issues

If you’re on your feet all day, foot issues can develop. If you’re very active and athletic, such conditions can be especially bad. For instance, if you play tennis, your feet might have a lot of corns and calluses.

A monthly pedicure not only helps you keep corns and calluses under control, it also helps with any fungus infections. Overall, you’ll feel more comfortable while you’re on your feet, no matter what you do.

Try Body Massage

Many spas offer a wide variety of services, so not only can you get a manicure and pedicure, you can also get a relaxing massage.

If you lead a busy life and work stresses you out, it’s a good idea to book regular massages. Not only can the massage therapist work out your aches, pains and knots, you can enjoy a little peace. It helps you to recharge and take your mind off things.

The Human Touch

Manicures and pedicures are for both women and men. Each of us is human with fingernails and toenails, and everyone needs a touch of TLC. Make sure your nails are healthy and beautiful as part of your personal care regimen.

Get started on your manicure and pedicure routine by booking an appointment with us today.

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