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Don’t suffer another day with back pain. Read about how massage therapy can help your back pain and why you should give it a try.

No matter how young or healthy you are, you’re bound to go through back pain at some point in your life. The American Chiropractic Association confirms this. The group found that half of the American workforce experiences back pain symptoms every year.

While you could try to free yourself of back pain with doctor visits and health procedures, you don’t want to empty your wallet in the process.

Instead, consider looking into massage therapy for back pain to avoid financial headaches and put your body at ease. A proper massage might be all it takes to cleanse your body of stress, which will leave you feeling energized for the week ahead.

If you’re suffering from back pain and eager for a soothing solution, read on to learn about the health benefits of massage therapy. You won’t find a more enjoyable way to get your body back into peak shape.

Causes of Back Pain

There are both short-term and long-term ways to damage your back.

Overusing certain muscles and putting them through intense strain can lead to back injuries. Jobs that require heavy lifting or repetitive motions can also take a toll on your physical health.

If you have a poor sitting posture or a diabetic condition, the pressure on your back can lead to issues later on. Pregnant women, runners, and anyone who experiences back stress on a daily basis can also develop future problems.

It’s almost impossible to avoid back issues because of the strain of these activities. To ease the tension in your body and create a healthier outlook for yourself, check out how massage therapy helps back pain.

Upper Back Pain

The upper back covers the area that starts at your neck and can include the middle back, which ends near the bottom of your rib cage. You should pay close attention to the upper levels of the spine in this region.

If you feel pain in your neck or shoulders, then there’s a good chance you’re experiencing upper back pain.


Upper back pain can range from minor pinches to larger health issues. If you feel tight muscles and stinging pain, then you may be feeling the beginnings of back pain.

However, back pain can become much more serious, as your back affects other parts of your body. In extreme situations, you can lose feeling in your arms and chest.

Seeking treatment itself can be a pain in the back, but you don’t want to wait until your whole body is suffering. Consider getting massage therapy for upper back problems if the pain refuses to go away.


Massage therapists are equipped with a variety of techniques to loosen your muscles and get your blood flowing again.

Acupressure and frictions are two methods involving the fingertips and thumbs. The former puts pressure on muscle knots while the latter focuses on certain muscle fibers. Both techniques are designed to increase blood flow, loosening, and restoring muscles.

And if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can look into effleurage. Effleurage requires flat hands, which apply pressure zones to loosen muscles and make them more flexible. This can help your back become better at dealing with stress later on.

So consider the full range of treatments before committing to upper back massage therapy. You want a massage that can cater to your unique health needs.

Lower Back Pain

Your lower back begins at the bottom of your rib cage and travels down to your tailbone. Although this area shares similar symptoms and treatments with the upper back, it brings about its own set of complications.

Your lower body plays a crucial role in your daily health, so make sure you approach this region with extra sensitivity.


When your lower back undergoes too much stress, this can lead to a condition called sciatica. Sciatica refers to pain in the sciatic nerve, which branches off from the lower back through the hips, buttocks, and legs.

You may experience pain in your spine and lower region, and it’s not uncommon to feel numbness in your legs. Sciatica typically impacts one side of your body, so you’ll know when you have the condition.

Refusing to address this condition can lead to sudden pain and uncontrolled bowel movements. So you should also consider massage therapy for lower back pain if you start noticing symptoms.


Thankfully, there are many types of massage therapy for back pain and sciatica.

Deep tissue massages and myofascial releases are great ways to relieve your muscles of stress and stiffness. Both these techniques rely on applying heavy pressure to your muscles, causing them to relax.

On the other hand, a Swedish massage involves much less pressure. The goal is to stimulate your nerves and increase blood flow. This lighter approach is excellent for spurring the release of endorphins, which promote pleasure and mute pain.

It all depends on the severity of your back pain and what you want to get out of your therapy. You’ll want to survey all your massage options before settling on the treatment that’s right for you.

Extra Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Besides immediate relief, the best back pain massage therapy can leave a lasting mark on your physical and mental health.

Regularly attending massage therapy sessions can improve your posture and keep your body fresh. And with a looser and more relaxed mind, you can enjoy less anxiety and a reduction of any depressive symptoms you may have experienced before.

Depending on your pain and goals, you may benefit from daily, weekly, or monthly sessions. Regardless of what option you choose, don’t let expenses stop you.

A massage will cost some money, but the long-term benefits of therapy could save you from future healthcare bills. A pain-free back decreases emergency doctor visits and health issues, leaving you with a healthy body and budget.

Ease Your Way Into Wellness

There is no shortcut to mental and physical wellness, and the road to recovery can be long and winding. But you can make your journey smoother by rewarding your body with massage therapy for back pain.

Maintaining your body should not feel like a burden or a chore. Ease your way onto the path of healing with a refreshing massage, and you can be both happy and healthy.

Are you ready to empty your body of tension and replenish it with a sense of calm? Call (402) 384-8400 to learn more about how our services can help you satisfy your health goals.

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