The Top 7 Benefits of an Oncology Massage

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Oncology Message

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There are a lot of benefits to an oncology massage. Check out this guide to learn what they are.

Almost 40% of American men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. It takes a toll on both your mental and physical well-being.

While your oncologist cares for your medical needs, there are things you can do to maintain and enhance your quality of life. One of these is a regular massage. Here are the top 7 benefits of an oncology massage.


One obvious benefit of a massage is relaxation. Fighting cancer is a highly stressful and

anxiety-creating life change. In the flurry of doctor’s appointments and related events, you can forget to take care of yourself. You may be more tense and frazzled than you realize.

Oncology massage lets you step away from the pressures of everyday life so you can really focus on yourself. For a brief time, you can shut your eyes and only think about how good your body feels as you’re massaged.

Depending on your preferences, you can talk with your massage therapist or remain quiet. Sometimes, chatting about ordinary things can help stress melt away. Other times, the massage is so good you “cry out” your anxiety and worries. That’s perfectly normal.

Pain Relief

When you carry a lot of tension in your body, your muscles can get sore. You also might develop knots. Either way, you live with daily soreness and pain. That’s a lot to handle when you add treatments for your cancer.

Massage therapists know what areas to target so muscle soreness eases and those knots get worked out. Sometimes, you don’t know just how much tension and pain you live with until you have an oncology massage. You’ll walk out of each session rejuvenated.

Address Neuropathic Pain

Your physician may prescribe a chemotherapy drug called Taxol (or paclitaxel). One of the common side effects is neuropathic pain, or nerve pain. This, on top with everything else, can really decrease your quality of life, especially since the nerve pain isn’t easy to treat.

However, receiving oncology massages can be beneficial in preventing or reducing neuropathic pain. By receiving a massage before you take Taxol, it may reduce your chances of developing nerve pain.

Reduction of Fatigue

While oncology massages won’t give you energy directly, it can help you restore it quicker and feel more refreshed. For instance, as we pointed out above, massages can make you feel more relaxed and reduce your pain and soreness, especially during chemotherapy. By raising your quality of life, it may work to take away some of your tiredness.

Not only will massage reduce your fatigue, but it can also help you sleep better. This, along with the pain relief and relaxation, can tremendously improve your energy levels and fight any symptoms of fatigue.

Improved Body Image

As your body goes through changes with cancer treatments, you may feel like you don’t know yourself anymore. Physical characteristics you may have once been proud of may look different now, which can result in negative feelings when you look at your body.

But fighting cancer is challenging, and you’ve got the battle scars to prove it. Everyone deserves to feel proud of their own bodies, especially those with cancer.

Oncology massages can assist in you feeling comfortable in your own skin again. When you see someone treat your body with respect and care, it can help restore some positive thoughts about it for you.

Less Nausea and Vomiting

In pregnant women with severe nausea and vomiting, it’s been proven that tactile massages can lessen nausea as a complementary treatment to other medications and nausea management methods. Reasonably, we can extend this finding to cancer patients who have to undergo chemotherapy, which can cause a loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

While oncology massages do help with nausea and vomiting, we don’t suggest discontinuing any medications your doctor’s prescribed you. Instead, you should use it in combination with your massages for maximum benefits.

Better Moods

It’s natural to fall into anxiety and depression when you receive a cancer diagnosis and have to go through rigorous treatments. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with these extra conditions that can be extremely taxing.

Oncology massages can help lift your spirits and put you in a better mood; it may even cause your depression to disappear. Because you’ll get better sleep, less fatigue, relaxation, pain relief, and physical touch, all of these factors can contribute to an overall improved mental state.

Keeping in good spirits is essential in the battle against cancer. When you have a more energized, positive, and fighting spirit, it can have a profound effect on how your body deals with this invasive condition.

Book an Oncology Massage Today

You might be worried that an oncology massage can exacerbate your condition. But so long as you find someone who’s qualified and their touch is light and gentle, anyone can get a massage, no matter what condition they have.

Fighting cancer can be a tough time, so make sure you give yourself some much-needed care and pampering. An oncology massage has a variety of benefits, so make an appointment to see the difference it can make.

If you’d like to book an oncology massage for either yourself or a loved one, please get in touch with us. Call (402)384-8400 or book an appointment online today!

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