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Ho Ho Holiday Makeup

Glitter isn’t just for little girls. The key is not to overdo on the sparkly stuff.

According to Redbook , the key is to pick one feature to play up and then use the right type of glitter.

Glitter (those big, shiny flecks) belongs on the eyes;

-Iridescence (a sheen that changes shade in the light) on the cheekbones;

-Shimmer (itty bitty light-reflective particles) on the eyes or lips.

Now that you have your glitter under control, here are some other important holiday makeup tips:

  1. Primers are great for ensuring your makeup lasts from cocktails to dessert.
  2. Using a tinted moisturizer rather than foundation offers a softer look.
  3. A smoky eye complements light lips while light eye makeup should be paired with deep red lipstick.
  4. Looking for a pretty pout this holiday season? First apply your favorite red or berry colored lipstick and then swipe a neutral-tone lip gloss to give it some shine.

Want a smoky eye? Here’s your step-by-step guide:

For the Smoky Eye:

Apply concealer: Put a light shade under your eye area and all over the top lid of your eye.

Line the top and bottom rims of your eye: Use an eye pencil. If your eyes are smaller, start at the middle of the bottom rim and line to the outside.

Grab the eye shadow brush: Or use a small Q-tip to soften up the edges of the liner.

Time for eye shadow: Use a dark shadow and apply to penciled area with a sponge-tip applicator or use your fingertip if you prefer. Then smudge the line.

Grab the lighter eye shadow: Apply a lighter shadow with a neutral tone with a larger brush over the entire eye area.

Add mascara: Then grab a Q-tip and wipe away any shadow or smeared areas around the eye.

If you’re having difficulty removing the glitter from your face at the end of the evening, experts recommend good old-fashioned scotch tape. Lightly pressing a piece of Scotch tape onto your skin will lift off any specks of glitter that don’t come off with your normal facial cleanser.

Like to learn some new tricks in time for the holidays? 

FACES offers make up lessons.

Just need a one-time special look?

FACES has makeup applications for those special events. Call 402.384.8400 to schedule your appointment today!

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